MBS offers equipment and material used daily by ski rescue patrols and mountain rescue organizations in carrying out rescue, evacuation and assistance missions.

To evacuate injured skiers from the slopes, we offer a range of sleds and pulks.

The new Glisspro Evo rescue sled designed and manufactured by MBS answers the requirements of mountain rescue teams: maneuverability, thanks to its optimized inverted guide blades and weight, and effectiveness, with a braking system located under the aluminum frame. The sled also ensures injured passengers' comfort with quality tarps and generous dimensions, making it suitable for carrying larger adults.

Another milestone in the mountain rescue area is MBS's recent launch of a totally innovative evacuation device: GMS. This exclusive concept has revolutionized the profession thank to the singularity of its features:

  • transport the injured party either sitting or lying down
  • remain in permanent contact (visual and oral) with the injured party
  • maneuver on all slope types
  • load onto ski lifts (up to 4 places) with or without the injured party; in compliance with STRMTG

MBS has also designed other material or snow transport solutions, such as reinforced aluminum sleds that can adapt to snowmobiles.

MBS is an MND Group company