We have a wide range of poles, suitable for various applications: to layout trails for slalom, giant slalom, descent, ski or snowboard competitions; to mark boundaries (ski slopes, roads, racetracks); to secure markers or safety nets and fences; or even for use with signs, banners and gates.

The main models include:

  • Fiberglass poles 15.7mm diameter, 1.5m and 1.75m high. Fitted with an impact point for impacts and clips for fencing nets.
  • MBS polycarbonate poles, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 48mm, and 60mm diameter, 1.75m to 4m high, with or without tip
  • DJC slalom poles in tri-composite polycarbonate, 25mm, 27mm and 30mm diameter, fitted with IFC metal or polymer hinges.
  • Polyurethane poles
  • Aluminum poles
  • Bamboo poles

DJC slalom poles manufactured in tri-composite polycarbonate are unique. With homologation from the International Ski Federation (FIS) and used for top-level ski competitions (Olympic Games, World Cups, Asian Winter Games), they are resistant to skier impact and frozen snow. These poles are also used by Alpine skiers of the French Ski Federation in training and events, as well as by the athletes of ski committees such as the Savoie Ski Committee.


MBS is an MND Group company