For the comfort of slope users, slopes need to be maintained using snowcats and other snow groomers. To do this, MBS has developed a range of anchoring solutions for winches that enable them to combine the force of the grooming machine’s tracks with the traction force of winches.

We offer two types of anchoring solutions: raised anchors, tripods; and ground anchors, plates.

The MBS tripod is available in 3m, 4m and 5m heights. By elevating the winch cable hook, the winch cable receives less friction from the ground, which is particularly damaging for its service life and adds to maintenance costs. The design and characteristics of the 350º pivoting anchor head means that snow grooming is not limited to its work axis, as the tripod can also be used for several slopes.

The tripod, the plate and their ground fastenings have been specially designed by MBS. Their design results from numerous shock and constant load tests using more than 55 kN.

MBS is an MND Group company