Hinged Slalom Poles

MBS manufactures hinged slalom poles under the DJC Dalloz brand after taking over the French company Dalloz Montagne in 2010. For more than 20 years, Dalloz Montagne had provided solutions for Alpine skiing competitions and had developed numerous innovative products, including the Iron Flex Control (IFC) metal hinge system, tri-composite poles, and more recently, the EVO pole base.

DJC slalom poles manufactured in tri-composite polycarbonate are unique. With homologation from the International Ski Federation (FIS) and used for top-level ski competitions (Olympic Games, World Cups, Asian Winter Games), they are resistant to skier impact and frozen snow.

These poles are also used by Alpine skiers of the French Ski Federation in training and events, as well as by the athletes of ski committees such as the Savoie Ski Committee.

The EVO pole base is the latest innovation in the DJC range. Its design and its finish enable coaches and trainers to install poles without having to use a gate key, making them easier and quicker to install than traditional poles. Just make a hole with a 35 mm diameter of 35 mm and insert the base.

The EVO base's unique finish means snow will not stick to it and makes it absorb the vibrations generally passed on by the pole to the surface.


    MBS is an MND Group company