Vitabri Tents

Resellers of the Vitabri pop-up tents, we have the right canopy solution for your event:

  • V2

The V2 stand is associated with safety, strength and design. Completely customizable, you will be won over by its ease of installation thanks to its exclusive gas-propelled spring system. Available with roof, plain side curtains or 1/2 transparent curtains.

  • V3

The V3 is a lasting professional pop-up tent. Multi-purpose, robust and easy to assemble, this model will accompany you through the years no matter what your activity. Available in multiple sizes, materials and colors, it can be customized and provides a strong visual impact, while being designed for intensive use.

  • V3 Eco

Economical, as its name indicates, the V2 Eco canopy doesn’t sacrifice quality, as it is based on the V3 structure for which Vitabri has earned its excellent reputation. Consisting of a professional structure, a roof and 3 side curtains, it can be supplemented with a door and a window.

All canopies are certified by BVCTS.

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