A range of bibs suitable for any sport (alpine or nordic skiing, running, mtb, snowboard, etc.) for all sizes and ages. High quality printing for an excellent visual result:

RACE bibs

FIS homologation bibs manufactured in polyester mesh, either with single or double side straps, which ensure freedom of movement. Their special design for skiing makes them perfect for alpine or nordic ski competitions.


Manufactured in nonwoven fabric, the “Nordic” range is ideal for large-scale cross-country skiing competitions as they are cost-effective. The micro nonwoven fabric is perfect for number printing to provide excellent quality design.

TY-RUN bibs

Smaller brother of the “Nordic” bibs, this bib is manufactured in Tyvek® and is ideal for running events as it is extremely light. It allows you to offer a non-standard product, as shown in the mythical “Sainte-Lyon” race, which needed to have a reflective strip to make it suitable for nighttime use...


Manufactured in PVC or polyethylene, these bibs are the most cost-effective for running, RAID or trail events. Barcodes or the participant’s name can be printed on them on request.

BIKE frame numbers

These frame numbers available in 250 or 350 micron PVC are ideal for bikes, as they contain perforations for clips. Barcodes or the participant’s name can be printed on them on request.

FREE bibs

A free sport requires a bib that allows free movement too... Manufactured in polyester mesh, its ample size allows it to be worn over shirts, providing excellent freedom of movement. Available in Snowboard and Boardercross versions (adults and kids)

KID'S bib

These bibs for ski schools, kids clubs, and schools, are designed to be worn over clothing, thanks to their elastic straps that adjust to the right size. The side stitching is reinforced to keep its shape and fit over time. Available in nonwoven (occasional use) or stretch polyester (regular use). Adults or kids sizes.

CHASUBLE vest bibs

These loose vest bibs are fitted with elastic side straps and are designed for signalers and organization or event staff.  Manufactured in closed-mesh fabric, they do not lose their shape and are extremely light.

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